Investerare Sydost

Are you and your company looking for capital for expansion?

Now it’s time to sign up interest for the investors’ network meeting in June.
The interest registration is received from companies in the South East region who want to grow, expand and need capital no later than 28/4.
Send Registration Your interest to Interest registration is done by writing a simple email. No documents required. Therefore we have a contact to see if the investment meeting is right for you.
The investment meeting for selected companies is on 20/6 2017. Investment meeting takes about 20 investors.
For whom? Are you in a company in Kalmar and Kronoberg that faces growth and has capital needs to grow into bigger markets and expand the organization, etc.? Is a small company with high growth potential, where private investors can be crucial for your business and your products and services to reach nationally and internationally. There are clear strategies and plans for how the company is going to develop and a capital requirement between 1-5 million (sometimes up to 10-15 million) etc.
Then the investment meeting can be something for your business. The investors receive ownership in the company as consideration for investing in the company.

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