The Business Incubator – a faster track to growth

The Business Incubator offers a faster track to growth. Our concept gives you the necessary tools to grow and enter the market faster. By sharing office with other entrepreneurs, you will get useful feedback and advice along the way. Our vast network of business developers, investors, lawyers and organizations can lead to new business opportunities and good relations.
The Business Incubator will be like a partner, colleague and a sounding board which will challenge and support you along the way.
Anyone who has reached the age of 18 can apply to the Business Incubator. Your background is irrelevant; it is your idea and its potential that matters.

Our services can be concluded in six areas

  • Business development

    Being a part of the Business Incubator means you will have access to one of our business developers. They will guide and support you in building up your business. All of our business developers have experience of running their own businesses. We work with processes such as Canvas and NABC.

  • Expertise

    The Business Incubator offers professional support such as auditing, patent, contract law
    and other issues your business might need.

  • Financiers

    Our network of financiers consists of around fifty investors from the Counties of Kronoberg and Kalmar. It is created in order to facilitate the access to external funds. Through one of our partners, the Nordea Bank, we offer banking and counseling.

  • Education

    The Business Incubator offers training programs within areas we believe are of importance to our businesses. Our CEO-program offers you knowledge within areas such as Human Recourses, dealing with mass media, contract law, networking and sales.

  • Networks

    We have a wide network which spans over academy as well as the business sector. We share our contacts and set up meetings that can lead to new business opportunities. Our cooperation with other Incubators across Sweden as well as our partners offer a valuable
    network and experience.

  • Your own office

    The importance of the social network shall not be underestimated. Many problems have been solved over a cup of coffee. At the Business Incubator you will get your own office space with access to service such as a front office, postal services and Internet access.