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Boosterway – Boost your exercise and health

They work to spread the knowledge about health and exercise.

Boosterway’s goal is to make training and knowledge about good health available to more people through a platform that offers different types of training and coaches. Everything from Olympics and athletes to personal trainers and profiles that can provide tips on health and fitness as well as the ability to follow different types of training programs.

Boosterway is run by Alexander Brorsson, David Kallebäck and Ulrika Pizzeghello. All three are current or former athletes with experience of the work behind winning the gold medal at the top of the prize pool.

“The knowledge that athletes possess about exercise and health, all the exercises benefit from the team’s various knowledge about sports management and business development, Boosterway will boost public health in Sweden and the world,” says Ulrika. During the time working with the future training app, they have started running groups, says Ulrika. A conscious effort that stimulates everyday motivators to exercise and an additional way of creating knowledge about health. But obviously, also a way to get started with their business as technology progresses.

Boosterway is one of the companies participating in Företagsfabirken’s incubation process. They find that there are many benefits to it, to speed up their market launching.
“This is a permissive environment based on development.” Says Alexander. “Here we are surrounded by competent people all the time.”

At Företagsfabriken, the growth companies have a business developer following the development of the company. “in the way that is very similar to what we are used to having as athletes,” continues Alexander. “You are surrounded by a team with coaches, but it’s the one who does the job themselves.” David agrees: “Life as entrepreneur and athlete can be equated to never stamping out and becoming a lifestyle.”

The similarities also extend to how to work towards predefined goals. Both within the athletes and in the incubation process, you work performance-oriented and all of the Boosterway team members agree that they are very driven and motivated to meet the goals that they put together to spread their knowledge about health and exercise to the everyday exercisers.

About their participation in the Business Incubator’s incubation process, after six months, they can easily say that it is good for the company’s development to be in this driving environment. At Företagsfabriken, they continuously have meetings with business developers, but what matters most is Alexander’s daily meeting with other entrepreneurs whom he talks about ideas with. “It gives you an opportunity to lift your eyes,” says Alexander. It is as important as the business development routine for the company to develop. It’s not about counseling when talking to another entrepreneur, but about ideas and learning from others’ experiences. Here you will find other entrepreneurs who have succeeded and made their journeys and experiences. “Here people take time for each other”, is something they all agree on. “We could, of course, have run this company from home, but here at Företagsfabriken, it gets so much better.” Says Alexander.

One advice they want to give to other entrepreneurs is to listen to people in the surroundings. But dare to choose few of whose advice you act. It’s also important to be humble before you need help in your business, another advice is the team behind Boosterway wants to share.
Alexander concludes by saying: “During our six months in this environment we have made an incredible journey and developed a lot!”


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