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No matter what business concept our growth companies have, there is always something they have in common – drive, focus and commitment. Here are created the growing companies!
Together with us and with each other, we make it possible.


Erik Frisell

A new digital platform that makes giving simple, easy and fun.
Addlrr connects people, brands and social causes everywhere.


Världens Chans

Erika Jonsson Bernstone and Maria Sandell

Världens Chans is a Swedish national lottery that, with the permission of the Gaming Inspection, is run for the benefit of nine Swedish aid organizations. The business concept is Charity with a chance of profit and the vision is Help – for a better society.

For just one Swedish Crown a day, the lottery buyer helps nine organizations and gets a daily profit opportunity theirself.

Världens Chans


Andreas Poulssen

Plantrobotic offer possibilities within automated vertical cultivation and farming.

More info coming up.


Andrii Krot, innovatör

Unleashing the potential of touch screen typing.


Joakim Jacobsson, grundare

“We don’t work in a new bransch. We are creating the bransch!”

Lumispectra transform you display window into a screen free display, without limiting the transparency.


Boards on Fire

Ola Karlsson, grundare

Boards on Fire is a cloud based service that help organisations to deal with daily planning, goals and potential improvements. With boards on fire the team members experience more efficient puls meetings and they can ta part from where ever they are located. Aggregated information from all different parts of the organisation is presented in an easy viewable chart or diagram for the management. This service also make it possible for you to share updated info with the team in real time.

Boards on Fire


Louise Plym, CEO and Founder

Plym Projekt AB drives business within design and event. The event part is called Hoppborgskul and there you will find Sportlovskul and Campingkul, the last of which is a registered trademark. Campingkul includes the tour concepts Campingkul Hoppborgsland, Sagolik Magi, Leo Lajban and Kokobello’s Circus School.


Measure and Change

Sarah Nilsson, CEO and founder

Measure & Change develops a digital tool for monitoring and reporting on climate impact. The service automatically generates information about emissions by combining data from different systems and sources and visualizing the results.

Measure and Change


Kaveh Peighambari, CEO and Founder

MySay’s goal is simple – more options in physical stores.
MySay has developed a solution to the problems between unsold goods and dissatisfied customers in physical stores. Instead of having to choose between buying a product and leaving the store, MySay offers a third option.
With MySay’s app, anyone, regardless of social skills, can negotiate the price of a product. The customer gets a better reason to shop in physical stores and the shopkeeper does not have to sell goods out on a low sale price. MySay enriches the buying experience for all parties.

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Marcus Nilsson

Gimic is a simple cognitiva camera. Gimic put human eyes in the productions lines to keep track of all manufacturing cells. Continuous improvements occur as more data becomes available.



Christine Arel

Nectar & Bliss offers a unique self-care subscription box that provides an overall well-being experience for women within Europe. Each box contains a mix of beauty, wellness and lifestyle products that are also cruelty-free and eco-friendly.



David Kallebäck and Alexander Brorsson, CEO

Boosterway develops a platform and training app where users can easily find a coach for specific needs or inspiration source.



Pepijn Klaassen, Owner

After launching their successful rural car pooling platform, Mobilsamåkning wants to develop further to have Mobility as a service. Mobilsamåkning now creates more options for private cars through better use of existing resources: co-operating with the villagers, traveling by bus, booking a taxi, borrowing a neighbor’s car, etc.


Clean 4 U Sweden AB

Birsen Soysüren

Based on 20 years of research in biotechnology, Clean 4 U has developed next-generation services that are focused on environment and quality. The company carries out all types of health services, receptionist services and additional services in offices, healthcare units, buildings, and industries. With its focus on the environment and the broad view of service, it is the right time for the company, which means it has huge growth potential. Within five to ten years, the goal is to be nationwide with over 300 employees. The founder of the Clean 4 U Birsen Soysüren is a driven entrepreneur with an education in economics who sees opportunities where others see obstacles.

– Företagsfabriken is not only good for personal development, but also for the development of the company. It’s nice to be part of a community where you can exchange ideas and experiences, and it will not feel completely alone as they are self-employed, said Birsen Soysüren.

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Lessebo Handpappersbruk

Louise Thörsman

Lessebo Handpappersbruk is the first Swedish paper mill and the only one remains in the Nordic region for manufacturing commercial handmade paper.

The tradition of making paper is 300 years old in Lessebo. New target group and international markets arouse life in the paper industry in Lessebo.

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MSE Omnifinity AB

Jesper Palsson, ceo

Omnifinity creates natural movement in the virtual world with a 360-degree motorized floor controller, the Omnideck.

Omnifininty provides a future simulation for games and research. Imagine that today taking a walk in your new idea which has been completed before. This creates a completely new aspect to training methods, research, development, and construction of a new structure. For the player of the game, it means that you can walk into your favorite games and play side by side with, or against your heroes.

Omnifinity ™ AB is a company can recreate and simulate different environments and scenarios for the customers. The application area is wide. Reality Simulation can be used for the design of the real estate before construction work or even medical treatment. It also enables the training of risk jobs, for example, the police and fire brigades. The technology is made possible by the platform (software) and a unique endless floor that was developed by founder Micael Schmitz. 

– The business incubator gives us a very good support and has a large network and knowledge base. The business incubator is an obvious choice for growth companies in the start-up phase to develop by providing a combination of creative environment, with the opportunity to attend many meetings and exchanges with other companies at a similar development stage, say Daniel Hopstadius, the ceo at the time och startup.

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Robin Backström

Creating the world’s No. 1 eSportswear


Position Design

Camilla Isholt

After many years with IKEA, Camilla decided to invest on herself to be an entrepreneur, therefore, she searched the Design Program with a focus on sustainable development at Linnaeus University. Today she runs her company, Position Design, which creates and highlights those significant products with an attractive and unique design for the home environment, care environment, and other public spaces. The company’s primary focus is the social aspect to find better and more sustainable solutions for the elderly and people with some type of disability. For Camilla Isholt, the business developers of the business incubator have become a great asset. They are available to discuss from small storm clouds to larger potential ideas to broaden and develop the company, which has been rewarding and valuable.

– In the short term, I aim to own products with international distribution within one to two years. In the long term, it is about larger external collaborations and further development of client relationships. Internally product development team implement from concept to finished product on the market. I want Position Design to characterize the smart but simple and sustainable solutions that fit as many as possible, says Camilla Isholt.

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Freck AB

Rebecka Lindhe is run and owned by Freck AB.

The idea came up when I, Rebecca, would move away from home and needed an electric mixer. At checkout, the cashier pointed out that the receipt needed to be saved because it was the guarantee of the mixer. Where would I put the receipt so it did not miss, bleached or destroyed? At that moment, an idea came up that everyone needs to have guarantee track!

The idea of is to store all their guarantee receipts and the receipts that are important to you. You can store them in the shop or with our iPhone application. Other receipts that are not with guarantees, such as handicrafts receipts, expensive bags, shoes and other goods that have a resale value can be valuable to save for the future.

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Industry of ideas

Sandra Jönsson

Industry of ideas is the company that develops solutions to daily problems. The first product launched by the company is an app that facilitates clothes-purchase for consumer precisely. Through this innovative app, people save time, avoid wrong-purchase while stores can reduce returns, increase sales and open up for more spontaneous shopping. The entrepreneur behind the Industry of ideas is called Sandra Jönsson who is with many years of experience in sales, customer care and business consulting. The future plan of Industry of ideas is that there will be a number of products in their portfolio that are designed for a global market within five to ten years.

– Starting and running a business is a workday filled with high peaks and deep valleys, but no matter where in the rollercoaster, I can find myself with a solid point in the business incubator to exchange ideas and develop together with. To share space with other entrepreneurs is also an important reason why I applied to be part of the business incubator. The well-connected community and the opportunities to share experiences as well as the ups and downs with others in the same boat is a fantastic benefit, says Sandra Jönsson.

One of the latest projects is Cillicone, it is an ice cream cone made of silicone which makes parents’ life easier when their children eat ice cream!

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Ola Karlsson

The Guru in the retail industry – Orderalong.

Optimises e-commerce between companies, where it is often about repurchase of the same goods. With Orderalong, the company can increase profits from more efficient sales.



Pontus Ekman, Isak Ekroth (CEO), Patrik Gustafsson

Formida has developed a unique tool for documentation, assessment, and analysis. It is time-saving and ensures the quality and equivalence of the work of assessment and feedback to students. It functions standardized and formative comments gathered in a unique digital tool that responds, and works boundlessly, towards to all existing platforms, systems, and applications. Formida has been founded by teachers and system developers with a clear focus on facilitating teachers while creating more time for meetings with students. Formida also offers digital publishing services for educational materials.



Henric Otterberg and Oskar Kleven

Get you an email address.
And then keep it forever!

With Flaskmail, you do not need to market someone else’s brand, instead, you create your own unique tracks and expressions. Simple and flexible with everything you expect from an Inbox. Your new email account is ready for 1 minute!

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Pitchler AB

Kristian Elmefall and Peter Thorin, CEO

Boost your job application with a video pitch. Show your personality through searching for jobs by using video. Pitchler is the tool for those who want to increase the chances of getting a job. Likewise, it is the tool for those who want to make the right choice among the great number of applicants for your vacancies.

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Fat Baggers Europe

Ola Ländin

Fat baggers and custom-made motorcycles from the factory are soon in Europe. Ola Ländin realizes the dream of the knot is that he wants something more with his motorcycle. Fully customised baggers or complementary accessories for touring models.

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Eva Gamberg Axelsson and Anna Wennerstål

WEGAA AB is a company that develops medical devices to prevent the spread of contacting infection in health care in Sweden. Gamberg Eva Axelsson and Anna Wennerstål are running the company. They are two experienced midwives who got the idea of their products from their job. There is lack of a modern and safe tool in their daily work and they took this case into their own hands by starting a business.

Now WEGAA AB first products on the market and the target is clear: in five to ten years, their products will be used in Sweden and in other parts of the world. The company will also have developed further additional products that contribute to improving patient safety in Sweden and the world.

For us, the time in Företagsfabirken has been very valuable. As new and self-taught entrepreneurs, we wanted to be in an opportunity with close access to knowledge, experience, and support in product development and sales. We appreciate the exchange we have with the other entrepreneurial colleagues to share the successes and challenges, say Eva Axelsson Gamberg and Anna Wenner Steel.

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Mionix AB

Peter Nygren

Mionix was founded in 2007 and our head office is situated in the south of Sweden. Our goal is to develop products with high performance and suitability for all type of players. Mionix stands for quality, design and a touch of innovation.
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Solutions for tomorrow AB

Mattias Guldstrand, Martin Yngvesson and Jan-Olof Lundström

Solutions for tomorrow AB’s business concept is developing for a global market and selling innovative mobile X-ray equipment transported to patients. A mobile X-ray equipment means reducing patient transports, less stress and better care for the patient while the hospital gets a faster diagnosis, bigger flexibility, and lower costs. Mattias  Guldstrand, Martin Yngvesson, and Jan-Olof Lundström are behind the idea, who has over 40 years experience together in the radiology industry, which means that they have built up a strong network, many years of experience in development, sales, and greater business cooperation. They are aiming to sell 500 mobile X-ray equipment for a global market, have 20-25 employees and a turnover of SEK 200 million in 2020.

– For us, Företagsfabriekn means a quality assurance of the company as well as a door opener to funding and partnerships. However the greatest strength of the business incubator, we have to say, is the social context which makes you be a part of it. A room filled with 15-20 driven, creative entrepreneurs and experienced business developers who stand for your disposal is unique and fantastic, says Mattias Gold Beach, Martin Yngvesson and Jan-Olof Lundström.

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Sweden Company Staff

Gustav Einarsson

The company was founded in late 2009 by Gustav Einarsson and has since grown significantly.

Today the company have an active business in over 20 different cities and has about 100 staff employed within cleaning.

Office located in Växjö has 5 employees who lead and manage the company. The company’s turnover in 2013 probably over 10 million and they have the ambition to continue growing.

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Daniel Spikol, Ingemar Johansson, Hans Falk and Margareta Moqvist

AKTI and m4action AB

AKTI is a mobile activity tool that helps people to create outdoor experiences by using it among other mobile phones. AKTI is a product of m4action AB which is a Swedish company founded in 2010 by Dr. Daniel Spikol, Ingemar Johansson, Margareta Moqvist and Hans Falk. m4action grew from research conducted at Linnaeus University, and together with the Mapping Växjö project.

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Peptonic Medical

Dan Markusson

Dan Markusson is CEO of this exciting company that develops a product from research to treat women’s vaginal dryness by using the peptide oxytocin.

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Drömmarnas Trädgård

Kajsa Holst

Drömmarnas Trädgård was a project around the creation of an attractive regional arena gained from a pedagogical interweaving experience in nature and culture. It was unique that the project engaged actors in all three sectors – private, public and non-profit. At the same time, the project was completed in time. Their sectoral cooperation was an example of social entrepreneurship that region should play an increasing role in the future.

It involves a broad plan to mobilize commitment, knowledge and financial capital. At the same time, the social entrepreneurial projects challenge applicable rules in society, including those who provide what municipalities may and may not be investing in.

Photo: ABABA

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Dan Jarnerö and Gustav Sjöberg

Averon has developed an advanced tool for storing company information in the cloud. Now you no longer need to look up numbers by tapping bins. Everything is now stored and searchable in the cloud thanks to Averon’s tools. Now it is easy to implement IFRS16 both quickly and cost-effectively.


Konvegas Sweden AB

Alexander Enulescu

KonveGas Sweden AB is a company that develops and builds cars on biogas. They use technology that allows the transport sector to switch to more environmentally friendly.

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Kryast i Sverige AB

Gustaf Möller

Kryast of Sweden AB is a company that wants to invert the existing world-view of people’s development and wellbeing. The founder Gustaf Möller will implement this by offering companies and organizations innovative and profitable concepts in areas such as team development, leadership, and wellness. The company has also developed a unique tool for occupational health communication and follow-up of its customers. By logging into the tool online, you can make a quick and effective follow-up in a way that meets the requirements which the National Board and the Data Inspectorate have at the health center. Everything is adapted and integrated for OHS existing systems and practices.

Gustaf Möller has four years study at Linnaeus University with a bachelor’s degree in coaching and sports management while four years experience in selling and wellness services. Within five to ten years, he aims that Kryast in Sweden AB will consist of a small but extremely competent working group of 10 people who will have several on-going innovative projects known not only nationally but worldwide after few years.

– Företagsfabirken fills with a number of important needs for me. An innovative environment for the exchange of various types, an expanded network and support of competency which I am lack of, says Gustaf Möller.

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André Francois

Happy to Work is a modern and complete toolbox to continuously measure employee benefits and stress levels in your organisation and respond to negative trends before they cause a mess. With overall presentation and optional focus on whole, groups or individuals, you will always have full control over the position of your employees.



Markus Persson and Henrik Djurner

Markus Persson and Henrik Djurner are two motivated entrepreneurs who got to know each other when they moved to Växjö to begin their studies in Computer Science at Linnaeus University. Markus Persson has expertise in design and customer contact and Henrik Djurners has expertise in programming and technology, which provides a solid foundation for the joint company City Pulse that they run together since 2006. City Pulse works to develop a cloud service for event organizers to facilitate and streamline the handling of the event. Ticket kiosk service units offer everything from paperless ticketing and innovative entrance management to the administration and marketing of the event. Customers are ranging from the smallest meeting booking agents to the big stadium and the goal is to have a big piece of cake of the ticket market in Sweden as well as being established in several regions overseas within five years.
– We found Företagsfabriken because we felt that our business has great potential but we needed a kick in the butt to gear up the service, and dare to expand. Företagsfabriken combining knowledge, power, and network leads us to develop our business to new levels and get more employees, says Markus Persson and Henrik Djurner.
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APEA Mobile Security Solutions AB

P-O Thorén

Per-Olof Thorén is a service technician and a tour operator from Lenhovda who got an idea linking to the fire supervision at workplaces. His idea was a great opportunity to make the dream of becoming an entrepreneur come true. APEA Mobile Security Solutions develops a product for a tough industrial environment that complements the fire patrol during hot work. The product can be easily installed by staff to provide a cost-effective solution that significantly increases safety in workplaces to handle hot work with sparks and open flame.

-Being an entrepreneur is a learning school and Företagsfabriken has assisted me with many useful lessons that made me and my company move forward. Within ten years, the aim is that the product is worldwide and APEA Mobile Security Solutions AB has a strong core of 10 to 20 skilled employees said, P-O Thoren.

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Testwinners World AB

Bengt Arnby

Testwinners World AB is a company that develops solutions for renewable energy. With its building system for frequent solar cells can enable all homeowners, construction companies and prefabricated home manufacturers do something simply for the environment while earning money on their roof. Bengt Arnby has a background as a consultant in IT systems, quality, and environmental issues, and was surprised that there were not an easier and better systems for solar cells on the market. The solution was that he took matters into his own hands and developed the system based on a combination of research and professional experience. With the growing demand for environmentally friendly energy solutions, Test Winners World AB sees endless development opportunities for their product.

– I found Företagsfabriken because of their long experience in helping entrepreneurs to go from ideas to finished products. It occurs to be a good and effective way with their extensive network of contacts, says Bengt Arnby.

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E-maintenence Sweden AB

Basim Al-Najjar

Basim Al-Najjar is a professor who can call himself an entrepreneur now through good research findings. Today, he offers companies in the process of the software industry that acts as a decision supporting system for machinery maintenance. These companies will benefit great amount of money if they can figure out the best time to maintain work.
– I have specialist knowledge but it requires other knowledge to become a successful business. Therefore, I have built a team with expertise in programming and sales, and in the future, we’ll run the company together.
Basim is optimistic about the future and sees a global market ahead. His personal challenge is to move from academic to the industry.
– For me, it has been different than other entrepreneurs. It is the market that has searched me and invited me to become an entrepreneur. It’s a whole new world to discover!
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Universal Learning Games

Jonas Lidén m. fl.

Universal Learning Games works with the Serious Games. The company’s business idea is to combine educational games and traditional education through modern technology. The company develops, produces and markets games and apps for learning, primarily targeting schools with children and young people aged 7-14 years.

Jonas Lidén and Anders Lidén are behind the idea who together have many years of experience in both the production of texts and textbooks in English and Spanish within IT strategy and marketing. The goal is to have dealers all over the world within five years, and the product portfolio covers topics from language to mathematics.

– For us, Företagsfabirken is a chance to go from the basement business to the serious business overnight. Getting professional help with debating a thousand questions that every entrepreneur wrestling with is extremely valuable for us, say Jonas Lidén and Anders Lidén.

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Fiedler Innovations AB

Joakim Fiedler

Joakim is CEO of Fiedler Innovations International AB which does a maintenance-free energy-plus house.
FII-Block is a sustainable building concept that saves time, money and the environment.
Fiedler Innovations AB is a young innovative company that is characterized by smart and simple products to raise the quality of life and simplifies daily life. A family-owned business works development and sales with close cooperation. FIEDLER Innovations AB takes care of all the steps from idea to the finished product: Product development, testing, CE marking, handbook, packaging, production, assembly, wrapping, and shipping.

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Oscar Falkström and Niklas Jullesson

Oscars and Niklas’s idea was to use all the knowledge they had about marketing to lead companies in Sweden in the right way when it comes to all the different offers around marketing that you, as an entrepreneur, can get today.

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Arisa - Applied Research in System Analysis

Rüdiger Lincke o Welf Löwe

The goal of ARiSA ™ – Applied Research in System Analysis – is to use the leverage of quality management in the development of software and information system. We provide seminars, methods and development tools that support production and maintenance of quality software efficiently.

The company was founded and operated by Dr. Rüdiger Lincke and Prof Welf Lowe, both of which worked at the Linnaeus University originally. Arisa also has a subsidiary called Softwerk.

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Vendotec Group AB

Magnus Thulin and Fredrik Turesson


Vendotec delivers smart retail solutions in security, interior design, and digital signage. Shops today are more focused on direct marketing than ever before. They spend a lot of time finding right positions in the shop where can expose the products to provide maximum sales. People can also see that many shops use digital signage on screens to provide offers and more. This has also proven to be very successful in stimulating sales. Vendotec helps shops with smart solutions for displaying products, especially in the home electronics industry.

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Sales scenario

Stefan Johansson

“Sales decisions have never been easier”

Sales Scenario is a decision tool for management teams, sales managers, and sales.

At Sales Scenario, people work with different future scenarios so that they can be sure to reach their sales targets.

Stefan Johansson has many years of experience in sales processes and sales support and now he has developed a new product that is initially targeted at sales. The technology is now also being developed to new areas such as marketing campaigns, logistics and investment capital.

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Svenska Trasmattor

Eva Tufte

Unique rugs for modern homes.

Unique, handmade Swedish vintage rag rugs are woven from recycled clothes traditionally.

Rag rugs have been used on the floor of cottages and mansions, in kitchens and living rooms around Sweden over 150 years. Accordingly, the history of the Swedish rag rug began in the 1800s prestigious homes, where they decorated large rooms for parties and guests. The rag rug was a symbol of status.

Eva Tufte has now taken this tradition and lets the rag rug form a beautiful detail in the interiors of modern international homes around the world.

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Hienco AB

Henrik Larsson, CEO

Henrik Larsson, VD

Hienco AB conducts its own research, development and production solutions within the current energy and environmental field. Currently, there are four people in the management team with different core competencies and responsibilities in Växjö and Estonia.

Contact person and CEO of the company is Henrik Larsson 0707-872279.

(The website is under construction.)

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Babota AB

Erik Blomqvist

With the help of BABOTA’s unique body-adapted elasticity, you can on your own help yourself to a better body posture, thanks to neuromuscular feedback.

Babotas products make life easier by minimizing bad burdons, creating better body restraint and reducing pain.

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Pär Stihl

Simultanex has developed a unique technical facility for dialogues with language interpreter. The interpretation is done simultaneously as the dialogue is in progress, which will halve the dialogue time and increase legal security. Body language becomes a natural part of the conversation and thus it enhances communication. Pär Stihl has conducted many interviews that required an interpreter present in his work as being a police officer and teacher in interrogation technique at the police college in Växjö. Par saw an opportunity of improvement to reduce the feeling of frustration and the length of the interviews because of the dialogue going through the interpreter all the time. Together with Martin Hammarström, Pär has developed an excellent tool for simultaneous dialogue interpretation. The interpreter can translate only a few seconds delay, so there is no longer a long delay in the dialogue between the parties in the interview.

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Tomas Liljenfors

Tomas Liljenfors is founder and CEO of the company Bryne AB. Tomas has a doctorate in materials science, and he is also an innovator and entrepreneur. Bryne AB is a development company in materials and manufacturing technology industry. With headquarters in Älmhult municipality, more specifically at Diö in Kvarnen, Tomas operates a laboratory and development center. Bryne develops ideas into useful products for the manufacturing industry. The company has grown from one employee to five employees in just 1.5 years.

at Diö Kvarn, I have created an inspiring working environment. Here, ideas and people can grow, and creative processes lead to sustainable products that last in the long term.”



Robin Backström, CEO

Lajks creates a safer online daily life for the children.

Lajks offers schools and municipalities a concept to reduce, counteract and influence internet-related abuse on children and young people on a deeper level.

Lajks consists of a team with a wide range of competencies including police investigators and behavioral scientists who work actively to prevent children and adolescents from being exposed to online and online abuse. Lajks has a positive perspective on the opportunities offered by the internet and social media to our young people, but by seeing today they receive poor support in dealing with the risks that may arise in the use of the internet.

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Pär Andersson

Pär Andersson is an ambulance paramedic who saw huge security risks in how early-born babies were transported in the ambulance in his daily work. The solution is a vacuum cushion placed in the incubator to protect the child. PACAB aroused great interest around the world because of the world patent on the solution. The goal is to have 28-38 million turnovers in six years and develop new products. Pär Andersson benefited greatly from the tools provided by the business incubator, such as accessing with legal advice, helping with finance and discuss planning along with the way as an interlocutor.

– There are the ideas that drive me and the opportunities to implement them, then the entrepreneurship is the solution. I’m already working on a new idea, says Pär Andersson.

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Matilda Svensson grafisk form och illustration

Matilda Svensson

I’m Matilda Svensson, a freelanced Sweden-based designer with a passion for patterns and illustrations. I have a BFA in Design and Sustainable Development from Linnaeus University but I now live and work in Malmö.

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Vass Form / Memories of Sweden

Ibolya Vass

Vass form / Memories of Sweden was founded and run by Ibolya Vass who made a way out, 2010. The company is now run from Malmö and has received much attention because every piece of the jewelry collection has the shape of a part Sweden. It is popular in Sweden, but obviously as the memory of our country.

In addition being a successful designer, Ibolya also is the board of business incubator since 2012.

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Sepro AB

Marcus Isaksson

Sepro AB develops and sells flexible motor steering that is used every day, for example, height-adjustable desk, modern awnings and in many disability aids. The two owners of Sepro AB complement each other well through their different backgrounds and skills. Lars Andersson, a doctor in control technology, is responsible for technical competency of the company, while Marcus Isaksson, with many years of experience in self-employment, is responsible for sales and marketing. By offering a modern product and communicating more easily with the market, Sepro wants to reach new customers and target groups.

– The industry is very technical and speaks in a way that only engineers can understand. We are trying to turn it around and create a competitive advantage by having the customer in focus. Our product with this approach should take Sepro AB to a turnover of 10 million within six to eight years, says Marcus Isaksson.

Sepro AB searched Företagsfabriken mainly for two reasons. Network with other entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors, as well as the lift that company got from development requirements of Företagsfabriken.

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Wood Power Construction Sverige AB (WPCSAB)

Benny Refond, Eva Refond

Wood Power Construction Sweden AB is a company that develops sustainable wood construction to a new level. By developing a building system that works like Lego, the company can offer a product that is both simpler and more cost-effective than others. The driven construction engineer Benny Refónd is behind the patented idea. During his years as a construction producer, he saw weaknesses in existing technologies but also opportunities to develop something new and better. That led to Wood Power Construction Sweden AB which is run by him and his wife Eva Refónd together. Since the wood building system is at the forefront of development and can handle both bearing capacity requirements, it is used for all types of construction of ecological houses which require less wood, see Benny and Eva Refónd bright future.

– In five to ten years, the aim is that the product is sold on the global market, we achieve a turnover of 45-60 million and has about 15 employees. We see the business incubator’s network of business developers and investors as an important step in taking the product out in the market and thus to achieve our goals, says Eve and Benny.

Photo: M-studio

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Svenska Byggsystem AB

Benny Fransson

Foto: M-studio

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Frans Oskar AB

Robin Johansson and Georgios Gryparis

A lifestyle company from Växjö launches the first collection of bow ties that are fully produced in Sweden. The material is flax harvested and then spun in Scandinavia’s only flax-spinning mill with a special preparation, and then be woven in the small village Kalvsvik, just outside Växjö. Finally, seamstresses in Växjö sew the fabric of a fashionable bow tie together and tie according to all the rules of arts.

Photo: M-studio

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Ramverkstaden online Sverige

Daniel Johansson

Creating new possibilities for framing.

Ventilabis AB

Hans Patrik Ristner

Ventilabis will bring the world of decorative arts to your desktop, tablet and mobile phone in 2017.

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