Successful entrepreneurs and their miserable lives?

Hello dear entrepreneur.
Have you ever thought about how many successful entrepreneurs have problems with their relationship with loved ones? Perhaps you are an entrepreneur and can relate to the claim? I tell you what, I can …
Over the years I’ve met a lot of cool entrepreneurs who lecture about why they started their own business. The story is always about the same. The entrepreneur either had a less life crisis of existential character or encountered a problem that would solve itself and then realized that more people benefited from the solution. Sometimes it came out during the lecture when someone asked the question “How did you make life together?”, Sometimes in the aftermath, sometimes through an autobiography. The pattern was so clear to me; These “successful” entrepreneurs often testified about heartbreaking stories of divorces from wives and genuine men, forgotten and neglected children. This always made me so sad. They had succeeded. Enormous success in business, but the family left in ruins. Was it worth it? What really happened on the way to success?
Entrepreneurship in many cases is a way of life. It’s not easy to be an entrepreneur and run your own business. Many entrepreneurs work a lot more than their friends with 9-5 jobs, while they often earn less. But at the same time, many entrepreneurs are not driven by just money. Many are driven by self-realization. Then it’s easy to understand that business becomes life. It will be like his nephew. A child who de facto pays for the food on the table.
This made me start thinking a lot about life, entrepreneurship, priorities, and relationships. Is it possible to have a long-term relationship if you are to become a successful entrepreneur? The answer should, of course, be “Yes”. But how come it is so unusual among successful entrepreneurs? Are there any priorities? Do successful entrepreneurs prioritize their business above all else? And do they do it because the business is in many ways a child? Let’s change perspective for a second. Is it possible to have a long and successful business if you are in a relationship and prioritize the family? The answer should again be “Yes”. It must be possible to eat the cake and have the cake.

But there is a difference in having entrepreneurship as a lifestyle and being a lifestyle contractor. Do you know the difference? It is basically about the extent to which you as an entrepreneur choose to design your business for the life you want to live. To what extent you take into account the life factor in your business model. An entrepreneur who has entrepreneurship as a lifestyle is working 24/7. Business yes, but maybe not so much pleasure.

A lifestyle contractor starts at the other end. Instead of drawing up a Business Model Canvas on the whiteboard, write “life” in the middle of the board and make a circle around it. Then develop a mind map of the dream life with everything that should be included and prioritized. Perhaps you want to live on a journey from continent to continent, maybe you want to sit home and play World of Warcraft 12 hours a day, maybe you want to spend 12 or 16 waking hours with family and children, maybe it’s enough to have two hours over to golf every now and then.
The most amazing thing is that no matter how you want to live your life and what you want to do with life, there is a business model that suits. The problem is just that you have to design the business model yourself. This is not a classic business model. You may have to have entrepreneurship as a lifestyle for a while before you can live as a lifestyle contractor when you made your business model based on your mind map. But when that job is done, you have a business that is completely tailored to maintain/support your life and lifestyle, with everything you’ve decided that is meaningful. You do not have to adopt the waste of your life to a time-consuming activity that makes it impossible for a sustainable and long-term relationship with a better half and eventually kids.
Sustainable enterprise in all respects. But what is worth if life itself is not sustainable? Next time you draw your business model, do not forget to put in that soft beautiful factor called life if you have not already done so.
Pura vida! [Life is wonderful! Enjoy it!]
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