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Monica Skagne meets Formida

Recently, Monica Skagne visited us here at Företagsfabriken. At this moment, there are many growth companies with business ideas in the IT industry that participate in our incubation process. Therefore, it was obviously extra fun to show our business for Monica who has ranked as one of Sweden’s most powerful IT women a few years ago.

Isak Ekroth, one of the founders of the company Formida, was given the opportunity to meet Monica for a conversation about his education tech company and their products. Monica Skagne is Municipality Chef in Växjö and Isak is also one of her colleagues as a secondary school teacher at one of the municipal schools.

Isak’s story behind the origin of Formida’s successful digital tools is a common teacher’s frustration over his work situation. Several of the digital tools and administrative systems that teachers work with today are not focused on facilitating the teacher’s key processes, Isak explained. Unfortunately, teachers today choose to neither use them or create their own solutions to be able to perform documentation work and manage their work situation.

The tools that Isak and his colleagues have created initially focus on giving students positive feedback on submitted texts. The tool contains feedback that student understands and can learn something and then do it better next time. It may sound obvious. However, both quality and equivalence are unfortunately varied in many schools across the country. And in addition, it often takes time to give each student exactly the required support.

With Formida’s tools, it is clear and personalized to the learning process, and it is also easy to connect the tool to other digital resources that can be used to support the student’s development.

For a business in general, up to the main level, the tool creates unique data that can form the basis for the entire business’s planning and development. This, given new ways, can measure learning processes all the way down to student level and then target resources. This is something that is currently invaluable in terms of proper business development, but unfortunately, it is often neglected partly because of the inability of analysis and development, partly because of lack of relevant business data.

Isak and his colleague’s trip as entrepreneurs started with a contact with Almi Företagspartner in Kronoberg. Isak and his colleague’s trip as entrepreneurs started with a contact with Almi Företagspartner in Kronoberg. There they received innovation grants to develop the tool and they applied and quickly gained a place in our incubation process.


Formida is now a growth company that grows fast and Isak’s idea has developed into a comprehensive educational tool for teachers in their everyday tasks. Today, it is not just about feedback to the students but also about planning, follow-up, and statistics that promote educational development in the teaching teams and in the schools across Sweden.
In the meeting with Monica, Formida also received several good advice regarding to the development of an IT company and investments in different markets. We are following their continued developments and there are already contacts with other countries to launch the tool there.


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