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Almi Invest invests in Swedish startups

“Scalable business ideas and a team of driven entrepreneurs are what Almi Invest seeks in the growth companies they choose to enter as a partner,” says Erik Ydrén from Almi Invest.

Almi Invest is an important part of Sweden’s investment in new startups. This autumn has been full of inquiries and meetings with entrepreneurs who are seeking funding and new capital.

“You should definitely contact us at Almi Invest, when, as an entrepreneur, you are considering acquiring capital in the form of new partners,” says Erik Ydrén. “You do not need to be completely ready for an investment. We would like to provide some advice along the way.”

Erik also explains that the team behind a scalable business concept is very important. As an investor, Almi Invest has seen many good business ideas, but they know that it is necessary to have a driving force to build a growth company. Almi Invest has a normal investment period in a company for 3-5 years. Thus, the company must provide a good value development.

“We are looking for extremely driven entrepreneurs who have the ability to build growth companies with scalable business ideas that satisfy a clear customer demand.”

VWhat type of company is seeking Almi Invest for capital? Erik tells that they usually come in contact with IT companies. However, the number of hardware companies seeking Almi Invest has increased throughout all over the country. “In recent years, we have seen many business ideas that digitize traditional industries such as education, HR/recruitment, and accounting.” Says Erik. We, at Företagsfabriken, also meet several entrepreneurs in these areas.
We agree with Erik’s analysis that the trend of digitization will certainly continue.


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