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To pitch before Investerare Sydost

Isak Ekroth, CEO of Formida, on 26/11 will present the company’s business idea for Investerare Sydost. The meeting with the investment network is part of the work currently under the way to find partners and investors for the company’s new business concept.

What do Isak and his colleagues hope to achieve with the presentation to Investerare Sydost? “It’s an opportunity to be seen and bring in people as partners and eventually even money.” He says.

At the moment, the process of preparing the presentation is ongoing. But how do you prepare a presentation for prospective investors and partners? “The preparation reminds a lot of how teachers plan lessons. We will also be drilling a lot at the breakfast meetings here at Företagsfabriken. “

Since signed up to present himself to Investerare Sydost, Isak has received information on what is expected from Formida in connection with the meeting on 26/11. Prior to the meeting, the company will make their presentation and be judged whether it is the right time to meet investors. Is this something that makes Isaac nervous? No, he says that those who have so far heard of Formida’s tools showed great understanding and saw the relevance of the tool. So Isak’s self-esteem is strong and his team has great confidence in the meeting with Investerare Sydost.

Isak also says that this with investment is much more energy-intensive than he had imagined. Formida’s team consists of two teachers, a system developer and a business and IT developer from the banking world, all of whom have come to a very long time in their work. They currently have several test groups running using their product and plan to release their crisp version at the beginning of next year.

Formida is a startup that offers digital tools that facilitate documentation, assessment and formative assessment in the future school.

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