Find funding for your business idea

“How do I get capital as an entrepreneur?”

It is one of the most difficult but also the most important questions you ask as an entrepreneur. That question can come back as your business grows and you meet new challenges. Bank loans are just an option – there are a variety of ways to get capital into their business concept.
Almi Företagspartner, together with Driva Eget, has developed a financing manual that shows several ways of financing a company. However, it is often the same basic rules that apply:

  • Show your business idea or expansion in a credible and honest way. The financier wants to know that the money will be paid back.
  • Have a look at what kind of financing is best for your business.
  • Do not give up because one says no. There are several different possibilities for funding!

Take a look at the 24-page manual Financing your business – How to find capital to start and grow and read about all the opportunities available, such as Almi, crowdfunding, venture capitalists and business angels, innovation, and growing support, etc.

>>Financing Manual 2015/2016 (pdf)

Find funding that suits your business – here are a few different ways

>> Growth loan with Almi

Almi’s Growth Loan are aimed at innovative small and medium-sized companies. The purpose of the loan is to enable innovative companies to develop innovations and business ideas that provide growth and profitability. The loan can be used for investments and working capital.

>> Almi’s Business Loan

For companies that want to grow, there is Almi’s Business Loan. This may, for example, refer to a market effort, product development or investment in production equipment. Almi would like to see other funding available.

>> Almis Exportlån

The Export Loan is similar to the Business Loan, but it can also be taken in foreign currency and becomes available when it wants the company to do some form of international investment.

>> Almi Invest

If your company has a big potential to grow, Almi Invest may want to invest. Your company is evaluated based on the potential of the business idea and the ability to you and your team to build the growth company. Almi Invest actively engages in the board and company development.

>> Venture Capital

Taking in venture capital and investors is a process. Because investors want to be able to make “exit” and get back their money, it means that in the future you may want to sell or stock the company. Getting new partners is not just about financial capital. It is also a companionship as well as increased skills and networking. A local network of investors is available in Investerare Sydost that organizes four investment events each year, where you as an entrepreneur have the opportunity to pitch your business idea. An example of a local investor is Entreprenörinvest, a finance company for companies that want to contribute to the growth and more jobs in rural areas.

>> Crowdfunding

Network-based investment forum, where you as an entrepreneur present your business idea to some kind of bulletin boards, there are a number of in Sweden and the world – in the form of a crowdfunding website. Investors can be any, from private individuals to companies, and they are most of the time unknown. Thus, a large group of individuals or companies with small amounts can help finance a business. The money invested can be pure donations or in exchange for any kind of compensation in the form of everything from a separate copy of the finished product to shares in the company.

>> Innovations- and growth support

If you have a new, innovative idea that can give growth to the region, you can get support from several authorities and organizations. Innovation is about something innovative, so it does not have to be a whole new invention. It might as well be the business model that is innovative. Furthermore, it is important that the idea creates jobs and is a market-complementary activity. Support is available to search at VinnovaTillväxtverket, and Almi. At you can find information about financing and company support.


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