Culture entrepreneurs use crowdfunding

To finance a business idea, innovation or invention through crowdfunding is now acknowledged in startups’ circuits. There are many different services to use to collect a large number of small amounts of financial investments to get large sums to develop their product.

Now, we also see this concept gaining momentum within the cultural industry. Some amazing people I have had the privilege of meeting over the years include Hani Arrabi and Emil Fredberg. They run together with Philip Carcamo Highlights productions. At present, it is an ideal association, but according to Emil there are thoughts about transforming it into a company in the future. Already today, Highlights operates productions in many ways as a company and they have a clear goal for their business: to employ Växjö’s young creative people with a paid summer job.
A fantastic goal of showing future opportunities for young creators’ employment and driving power. Their activities have in recent years enriched the cultural life in Växjö and surroundings, with large-scale productions such as West Side Story, Highlights of Musicals and this summer we look forward to the newly written musical Addams Family, which premieres July 22 at Växjö Theater.

When the goal is to invest in the region’s cultural workers, money is needed. In previous years Emil and Hani have worked with various forms of contributions and corporate sponsorship. This year, they have had contact with Emelie Johansson, Coordinator of Cultural Issues at Region Kronoberg, to supplement funding with crowdfunding through Crowdculture. The purpose of Crowdculture is to provide opportunities for more people to support and enrich cultural life in the region. It is also a way for free cultural actors to access grants in the form of regional cultural means. Emelie tells us that there are three clear criteria for accessing the cultural funds through Crowdculture. Firstly, it must be a project; secondly, it should create new forms of cooperation; and thirdly, it must be beneficial to Kronoberg’s inhabitants. Something like what Highlights productions’s efforts live up to.

Now Highlights is working actively to bring in monthly support to its production Family Addams, Emil says. Just the amount of monthly support is what ultimately determines the amount of contribution they receive from the region’s cultural resources, “says Emelie. But I understand that life as a cultural worker in many ways resembles life as an entrepreneur. Emil talks about his colleagues Hanis and Philip’s drive to create a larger arena for culture and further develop it so that today’s young cultural actors will be able to get an inspiring and evolving labor market in the future. And hopefully, there is hope for a development of cultural workers’ labor market in the future, I want to say.

Culture in various forms is important to residents. This is an insight that more and more people have realized in recent years. It not only arises through support from the region, but the industry has also understood that culture is important, such as for recruiting labor. Likewise, we know that cultural life is very important for the development of a city.
Rudolf Antoni at Fastighetsägarna has shown how an active cultural life in a city leads to both population growth and new business during several years. “Cities in the forefront of culture attract the most innovative and creative people,” Rudolf says. “The creativity that many cultural workers stand for, if used properly, will eventually create innovations for companies and organizations,” says Patrik Strömberg, formerly at Arts & Business Sweden now at Holstr AB.

This development of society is also confirmed by Johan Lundbladh, CEO of Tillt that works to develop people, companies, and organizations through art and culture for social development. “Artists in all art forms have an attitude that is interesting for the whole community. The creative approach – how can I do this as I do today even better – is applicable in most areas. By allowing, for example, an artist or actor meet a group and think as a catalyst for the individual creativity with the individuals that develop the individual, the group, the organization and the whole community. “says Johan Lundbladh.

At Highlights productions, Hani and Emil are currently working intensively on repetitions, planning, bookings, financing and everything else that belongs to a production. I see this daily in my meetings with the entrepreneurs here at Företagsfabriken. At the start of a business, no money is earned. What drives the entrepreneur instead is to realize their dream, business concept, innovation and let the world know it.
The same glow and power I hear from Emil and Hani when they talk about their daily work in the company Highlights productions.
I wish you all the best of your work and look forward to seeing the Addams Family at Växjö Theater this summer!

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