Kronoberg for the future

On Monday, January 11th, the South Swedish Industrial and Trade Chamber held its annual after work with all county business leaders. During each municipality’s review of the year that has passed and what is planned for 2016 we could hear that there is a great future trust and it was clear that it is an effective and developmental region we all work in.

In Växjö it is the high pressure in business. The most growing industries are IT, logistics, e-commerce, visiting industry, wood/furniture, and building. Thomas Karlsson, the Business Manager at Växjö Municipality, says they have received 150 establishments in progress. In this way, one is working to build a field of activity and different solutions in terms of competence supply, in order to meet the high demand.

Ola Agermark from Alvesta tells us that it is very positive in the municipality. Their breakfasts with companies in the municipality have become popular and well-attended and business visits have increased. Ola also told Alvesta and Växjö municipality to review their joint overview plans to ensure the development of the land between municipal boundaries. There has been a weakness in Alvesta’s development, in terms of the lack of premises, said Ola. But in the new area of Spåningslanda, the construction has made a real boost for housing, and plans will be made for more in 2016.
Even in Älmhults municipality, there is high pressure. Paul Robertson, Head of Business Development, was in place as an entrepreneur for Business Manager Eddie Hansson. He showed how the municipality’s population increased remarkably and people expect continued growth in the next few years. The big company IKEA grows, which clearly puts its mark on a relatively small city – the need for office space is big. Furthermore, they build Småland’s largest hotel with about 500 beds. Älmhult also works intensively to strengthen the competitiveness of technology companies through its collaboration with Linnaeus University in the form of the LTC – Linnaeus Technical Center.

Lillemor Karmenstad, vik. Business Manager at Lessebo, Head of Municipality Kristina Nykvist. She could proudly note that Lessebo also showed success in the past year. According to the Swedish Business Research, Lessebo Kommun was the climber of the year in Kronoberg and the survey of companies corroded them for this year’s business community in Kronoberg. In the municipality, efforts have been made to get entrepreneurial costumes, business events and investment in Attraktiva Lessebo, which has proved successful. And as the cream on the mash, the municipality has had a more stable economy. In 2016, thanks to Vinnova’s development funds, they will also start an effort to increase cooperation between the school and the business community in the municipality.

From Uppvidinge municipality, Åke Carlsson, chairman of the municipal council and Business Developer Jimmie Olsson. He could proudly tell them that they received the award of the best school in the region. It is good for companies in the municipality and there are many different forms of cooperation, which provides profitable companies and a good economy for the municipality. Åke stated that even an industrial community in the countryside can have very high quality and good economy. However, they see a need to diversify the companies and would like to see more service companies establish themselves in Uppvidinge.
Christoffer Moberg, the Business Manager in Ljungby, is also looking forward to the future. The results from last year showed several new major establishments along the E4, which created over 150 new jobs. Business investment in business and corporate has been well received and developed even more during the year. People are also looking forward to marketing and launching a new campaign in 2016. A world-wide news is that the Saga Museum can end up on UNESCO’s World Heritage List – Ljungby municipality has submitted an application at UNESCO.

In Tingsryd’s municipality, the drive is high among young entrepreneurs, told by the deputy Business Developer Sebastian Bocaciu. During the year, people spend time and money developing the Destination Åsnen national park destination. They will also develop Tingsryd Center, the track and continue in broadband expansion. Then they are hoping for a new success for the business team at the end of the year who beat public records last year.
Furthermore, the municipalities in Kronoberg continue to develop cooperation within the Småland Business Region.
It makes me proud and confident of the future development of Kronoberg that we have such a “go-spirit” throughout the region. I myself had the privilege of having a conversation with some of the area’s contractors during the mingle. Even they looked bright in the future and had some news on time before 2016.


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