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Plym Projekt: +600%

Louise Plym is an idea shooter and a problem solver. She has a great ability to transform ideas into real projects while making them both profitable and successful. She creates jobs and employment in various forms, especially for young adults in Kronoberg and southern Sweden.

Over the past year, she has increased her company’s turnover by 600%. Louise has gone from one permanent employee to six employees. What is her driving force?
“My driving force is the freedom to be my own boss and to develop my employees.” Says Louise Plym, CEO, and founder of Plym Projekt AB.

Since Louise took part in Företagsfabriken’s incubation process with her company Plym Projekt AB, a lot has happened. Now she has reached her goal of being able to support herself and her family. “Now I take a higher salary than I would have received from the different jobs offered me. This gives me confidence and is clearly a strong driving force.”

What Louise has done with the company since joining Företagsfabriken is that she has, for example, changed the company’s business model and pricing model. The work of a company’s development takes place intensively during the two years. The company participates in the incubation process and Louise is pleased with the network, community and various “ball boards” she receives through her participation. “During my time, I have made several presentations that I received feedback on. It has developed both me and my company.”

An important lesson she has learned is the understanding of how some ideas that consist of passion only are not always sustainable from an economic perspective. It must be an important insight, but we, who see her different ventures in Plym Projekt, know that Louise’s driving power and job satisfaction make her accomplished ideas successful and profitable.

Today Louise Plym is listed as one of Sweden’s most promising young entrepreneurs of Företagarna. But then she has also been her own boss since she started working.

At the age of 18, she became frustrated when she did not get a summer job and decided to start her own business. That summer, Louise went round with a large number of jumping castles. She had hired them from an event company that just left them in the stock during the summer. “I thought it was a great waste of resources to just let them stay there.” That summer’s work laid the foundation for the brand today, Campingkul. An event concept for families that each summer employs about 40 young adults and youth around southern Sweden. Plym Project has since expanded her family events and has also registered Hoppborgskul and Sagolik magic as brands. That way, Louise has expanded the business from the summer season and is now organizing events throughout the year.

Event är den ena huvudnäringen inom Plym Projekt. Den andra är design. Det kan handla om inredningsdesign, butikskommunikation, reklam, grafisk design, utbildning, industridesign, visuell kommunikation m.m. Louise och hennes kollegor jobbar med stora kunder som Ikea och Linnéuniversitetet, kommuner och skolor samt lokala företag och butiker.

The event is one of the main industries within Plym Projekt. The other is design. It may include interior design, store communication, advertising, graphic design, education, industrial design, visual communication, etc. Louise and her colleagues work with large customers like IKEA and Linnaeus University, municipalities and schools as well as local businesses and stores.
This means that the work on Plym Projekt is very varied depending on the customer and the mission. Which is obviously just as Louise wants and likes her work to be. The future looks bright for Louise and Plym Projekt. “My dream is to create even more jobs, especially for young adults who have not worked in the past.” And it’s very much happening at Företagsfabriken enormously. And yes, Louise did not get a summer job twelve years ago. Today, her life is characterized by budding entrepreneurship. This benefits employment in Kronoberg and also makes us particularly happy at Företagsfabriken.

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