Reach the stars with your idea


Make reality of your business idea and create a growth company from the best regional business incubator of Sweden. Attending the different phases of our process of incubation for maximum 3 years will have you reaching new heights.


You have a new business idea and have started or are planning to start a limited company. You are applying a place in our incubation process.



We meet and you tell us about your commitment and what your customers say about your products.


We verify that whether your business idea meets our entry requirements. You are accepted for the initial verification phase of the incubation process, or we refer you to one of our friends in Kronoberg's innovation support system.

We verify that your business idea meets our requirements of entry. You are accepted for the initial verification phase of the incubation process, or we refer you to one of our friends in the innovation support system of Kronoberg .

Meet our friends of Kronoberg’s innovation support system


In the initial phase of our incubation process, development plan is established and you validate your customer offers and generate a cash budget.


After 6 months, you are evaluated by a group of external evaluators, a panel of judges. This determines whether you and your business idea will continue in the incubation process.


After a completed jury, you work with your company in the incubation process for up to 2 years.

You meet our qualified business developers who have their own experience as entrepreneurs. We work with internationally and nationally acknowledged methods and models such as Business Model Canvas, NABC, Value Creation Forum, Development Plan according to Fokus Affärsutveckling (Business development in focus).

You are encouraged to make decisions that develop your company and reach the market faster, both nationally and internationally. We ensure the important factors for your company’s development through our considerable and substantial process of incubation.

We work actively with soft loans, networks of investments and cooperate with Business Sweden regarding international investment.

You are also expected to actively participate in our reoccurring networking meetings between companies in the incubation process. We know that you and your company are developing faster thanks to the exchange of experience with other entrepreneurs. Everything happens under the protection of privacy.


Your business development plan is fine-tuned by us at least every six months and after a maximum of 2.5 years, it is time to leave our process of incubation and continue your company's success as a growth company from Kronoberg.

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We address you with entrepreneurial mindset and in pursuit of growth.

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