Addlrr brings people back to advertising

New digital platform from Växjö, Sweden will redefine advertising, brand engagement, and social impact for digital natives.

“Advertising has long positioned itself as a nuisance in our lives. People are always trying to find ways to hide from it, regulate it, and block it. Why? Because, till now people see advertising as one-sided. We are changing this.”

These were the views of Naimul Abd, serial entrepreneur and the founder of the new venture Addlrr. He, along with co-founders Eric Frisell, Larry Mikano, Jonas Frisell and Richard Toro are creating a digital platform for today’s digital natives.

Eric Frisell, CEO, believes that the challenge in front of them is huge, and hence very exciting as well! “Through Addlrr we are connecting digital natives with brands, social causes and trends. It’s a four-sided platform and our challenge is to build all these four sides, at the same time.”

Larry Mikano is the Marketing Director and has several years of experience working with different brands. “For me it is very important to listen to and understand your customers. This is pivotal to the longevity of your brand. My responsibility will also involve bringing in consumer feedback regarding the development of the platform.”

Jonas Frisell has been the brain and architect behind the alpha version of the platform together with Richard Toro who is responsible for the visual identity of Addlrr. Both have been instrumental in building, developing and creating the look and feel of the platform with the launch of the alpha version now ready for the first test users.

But how does Addlrr work? The team is keeping it secret for now. The alpha version is for internal testing only. Recently appointed Sales Manager Sindi Sheri announces that during the spring, the launch of the Beta version of Addlrr is scheduled as we are working towards partnering with the biggest brands.

To reach out and communicate their message, the team has also recently appointed the role of Communications Manager to Magdalena Schwarzenlander who plans to launch and drive social media and brand engagement for Addlrr.

“I think their concept is very interesting, but it is also very challenging at the same time. What I find good is that they are a well connected team of professionals and are very passionate about making it happen,” says Helena Collin, CEO at Företagsfabriken.

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