Bravo Entrepreneurial HUB

By the summer of 2016, we expect to open the door of Bravo Entrepreneurial HUB – an innovation environment for business collaboration, innovation support system, and academy.
Membership in Bravo HUB opens the door to networks of exchanging experiences, a physically creative work environment and an innovative interchangeable meeting place.
With a strategic location between Videum’s reception and our space in House Bravo at Videum Science Park, space will be created that will offer many different activities for entrepreneurs, students, innovators and others. The room should be constantly changing. One day, it is shielded untouched workplace and next, it may be a major mingle, a lecture or workshop about entrepreneurship.
Here come inspiration and environmental change to meet new people and ideas.
Membership will be on three levels – full, flex and after hours. You do not have to be the owner of a driven company. Membership can be applied by an employee as an individual.
These types of places are located in the big cities, and we at Företagsfabriken, the county’s business incubator, want to show that this works and are needed equally well at a regional level outside in the country.
Here you can come to take part in the innovatory power in the environment around Videum Science Park. For example, it may be a large company that wants a change of environment for a new project, or a small entrepreneur seeking contacts and experience exchange.
Everyone with development ambitions in Kronoberg County is welcome to Bravo HUB.


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