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Elites within athletics drive business

Alexander Brorsson and David Kallebäck are athletes in athletics. They are also entrepreneurs. Like many other self-employed people, they had their offices at home but were looking for another place. They want to have a network.
We are pleased that they found our new venture – Bravo Entrepreneurial HUB. The expectations they had in their workplace at Bravo Hub were to help with new approaches. They would also be able to share their own experience with others, “David said when asked why they chose Bravo Hub.
Bravo Hub located within Företagsfabriken’s office pace means that the network and the constant presence of different entrepreneurs are appreciated. There is also access to expert assistance if needed on any particular question.
“In this environment, we meet driven people every day. We are encouraged to really do something, David said, and make sure that things will happen to their company Boosterway, thanks to the opportunity to have an office in Bravo Hub.
And, of course, Boosterway lives up to high demands and expectations. In May, they take a place in our incubation process and thus the rib is elevated when it comes to requirements and expectations of what they will accomplish as entrepreneurs. Something that elites are used to. And instead of measuring seconds and centimeters, we measure how many jobs and tax money they create in Kronoberg County.
David and Alexander both moved to Växjö about 10 years ago from other cities in Sweden. They came here to have the opportunity to focus on the athletics. Meanwhile, as their career as elites has gained momentum, they have studied at Linnaeus University. David has studied Coaching & Sports Management while Alexander studied Enterprising & Business Development. Now they take on their experience and knowledge and offer them to entrepreneurs and individuals in their company Boosterway.


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