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Lajks strengthens network security in schools with the support from Länsförsäkringar Kronoberg

6 February 2017

So we have finally gone out with our offer to all the schools in the region to get support to the work with their network security. Great fun to make this effort and a big deal to Länsförsäkring Kronoberg who made this possible.
Do you know any school that needs to be better at preventing and counteracting network and various forms of online crime? Tell them about this!

Get support for working with network security från Lajks!

 Lajks is an organization that has worked with network security since 2012. The goal is to prevent and counter both networking and various types of violations by reaching out to students, teachers, and parents through schools.

Tidigare skedde detta främst via föreläsningsdagar men då Lajks upptäckte att många skolor efterfrågade ytterligare stöd har de utvecklat en certifieringsprocess. Denna går ut på att Lajks gör en analys av respektive skolas förutsättningar, genomför föreläsningsdagar samt gemensamt med skolan sätter upp mål och aktiviteter. Detta för att skolan ska få bästa möjliga stöd och kunna arbeta med de delar som varje specifik skola har störst behov av.

Lajks has now entered into a partnership with Länsförsäkring Kronoberg, which aims to support the schools in the region who want to work with Laik’s certification process. This means that a number of schools will be able to receive an annual cost of certification for up to 15,000 kr.
The ordinary prize is SEK 31,800 to be included in the first year of the certification process and the agreement is written over three years where the school has right to cancel the cooperation if they are not satisfied with the outcome.

Are you interested in knowing more about this opportunity and how the certification process looks like in detail? Sign up to and you will find more information about this!


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