Own business – take the step

Take risk. It’s worth it!

It is a general recommendation from entrepreneurs who dared to invest in their business concept and started their own company.

Bet on your own passion and what drives you!

Working with what you enjoy and the ones that you choose, which is a great advantage that many self-employed people emphasis. The greatest job satisfaction can be obtained when working with what arouses one’s engagement, passion, and driving force.

Talk about your idea.

Dare to talk to others about your idea. See their reactions and learn from them. By talking with your future customers, you can develop your business idea to become something that is really sought after. We usually say that you should pitch your idea in all contexts.

Network to meet other entrepreneurs

Be sure to meet others in the same position and learn from their experiences. There are many possibilities in Kronoberg’s municipalities. Keep in mind that you are not alone with your questions.

Innovation Support System

We are several actors working with prospective business owners and entrepreneurs who started their own companies. Contact us and we’ll give you advice on the way.

>> Nyföretagarcentrum Växjö, Alvesta, Uppvidinge

>> Nyföretagarcentrum Älmhult:

Free counseling when you consider starting your own business.

>> Drivhuset:

A student who is thinking about starting their own business.

>> Bravo Hub:

Meeting place and creative workplace for entrepreneurs who want to develop.

>> Företagsfabrikens inkubationsprocess:

Once you decide to bet and want to grow and reach the market quickly.

>> Almi Företagspartner:

Advice, loans and venture capital at all stages of the company.

>> Coompanion:

Education and counseling when you want to start a business together.

>> Macken:

Education and business center with financial assistance for entrepreneurship.

>> Videum Science Park:

A meeting place for knowledge-intensive growth companies.


We address you with entrepreneurial mindset and in pursuit of growth.

Our Tillväxt-Bulletin, growth bulletin, is a regular e-mail providing you with stories, information and activities in Kronoberg that lead to work and success.

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