10 tips for a winning pitch

Here are ten advice on what to consider when preparing your presentation, specifically aiming at prospective investors.

1 Brief and enthusiastic presentation

Tell us exactly what your business does in the first ten seconds. Then make your presentation as short as possible by excluding inaccurate details. Have a clear structure on the content and deliver a pitch or presentation that shows your confidence and enthusiasm. It should appear that you have the ability to convince the world of your dream.

2 Describe the customer group

Tell who the customers are who will buy your product. Tell us what kind of people they are.

3 Benefits of your product

Explain why these people will pay for your product.

4 Describe the competitors

Here is no excuse – you have competitors no matter how innovative and new your product is. Investors must know how to distinguish yourself from existing actors and how you will act to reach your customers.

5 You and your team

Explain how you as an entrepreneur are so amazing at running your business. Tell us about your and your team’s experience that makes you and your team succeed with the business idea and lead the company to success.

6 Capital need

Be clear with how much money you want from the investor. Explain what to spend the money on. You must tell how the invested money will help the company and how they will generate profits. Realistic economic figures and statistics are important decision making for investors, such as sales figures, cash flows etc. Show your intangible assets. If you have a patent or trademark, they are important to emphasize.

7 Illustrative and memorable presentation

Illustrate your main message with a memorable story that you can relate to. Build up with facts and strengthen the arguments.

8 Voice mode

Vary voice and tempo without speaking too slowly or too fast. Here again, the dedication is important, as it should be seen throughout the pitch.

9 Practice!

Continue to practice and improve your pitch, because if you fail to find a financier at the first opportunity, you will get more opportunities.

10 Follow-up

Be available after the pitch to answer questions and networking. Follow the pitch by email or by booking meetings.

Bonus Tips: Take every chance!

You never know who is listening. A person can change everything. By regularly pitching yourself and your idea, whether it is for a dinner, a breakfast meeting or an audience, you will develop in the process. You not only develop your ability to get better on pitching, but you are also building the brand. Be open and friendly in your pitch, making it easier for your surrounding to become a part of your vision.


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