Bravo entrepreneurial HUB

The future of Kronoberg looks bright. At least we think so at Företagsfabriken. We want to spread the amazing power of entrepreneurs, something that we witness daily with growth companies in our incubation process. We know that there are much more who have the same driving force. Therefore, we are planning to launch Bravo entrepreneurial HUB.
With the project, we want to create good conditions for companies to increase their innovation capacity and growth potential. In order to achieve this, we create an innovative environment for cooperation between business industries, the innovation support system, and the academy. This is done together with Videum Science Park, Linnaeus University and the F4 network (For more successful companies – the innovation support system in Kronoberg).
Region Kronoberg is one of the financiers of our amazing HUB, now we are just waiting for a message from the EU to get the final funding.


We address you with entrepreneurial mindset and in pursuit of growth.

Our Tillväxt-Bulletin, growth bulletin, is a regular e-mail providing you with stories, information and activities in Kronoberg that lead to work and success.

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