Hats that make you smarter – VCF

Value Creation Forum
– A powerful tool that lets you deliver smarter pitcher

In order to make our networking meetings with growth companies extra rewarding, we always have the Value Creation Forum. It is a method that allows the audience to be assigned different roles and then listen to a 5-minute pitch. Then these listeners will leave feedback on the pitch to the entrepreneur who presented it.
The selected audience is assigned with different colors hats or a pair of glasses to then respond according to the accessory symbolism. Whitecap is an investor. Glasses are the customer. The green cap’s wearer should only provide feedback on what was good of the pitch. The red cap should only feedback what can be improved.
After reviewing everyone’s feedback, the entrepreneur gets the opportunity to redo the pitch, then run it again. The audience now switches roles and provides feedback from a different perspective.
The development that takes place in the performance of the pitch is amazing to experience. We here at Företagsfabriken see how unclear and excessive word pitches can be changed and become concrete and striking.

Join our workshop about VCF

You now have the opportunity to participate in a Workshop about VCF that we run under Linnaeus University’s program at Global Entrepreneur Week. Thursday 19 November at 9am-12pm.

Read more and sign up for the workshop here. We think you will be leaving the workshop considerably with positive results.


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