Mentor Program: A winning concept

What is a mentor?
A mentor is an experienced professional model offering career guidance, counseling and helps for your personal as professional development through a coaching approach.
Why care?
Mentorship offers a lot of amazing benefits. A good mentor shares his / her knowledge and experience to help you succeed. It’s like having an ally to go to when you’re feeling unsure or in need of support. A mentor helps you set and achieve career goals, make smart business decisions, solve challenges, learn new skills or completely offer an outsider perspective when the job only offers frustration. The benefits are truly endless.
When does it fit to participate as a mentor in a mentoring program?
A mentor is useful no matter where you are in your career. “NOW is a good time to start.”
Who should I choose as my mentor?
This is a big question. It’s good to take some time to think carefully. The choice of person makes a big difference in the success of the relationship and in the end, in your success.
You as an adept should look for someone you respect professionally and who have been successful in their field and embodies the professional qualities you work to achieve. Of course, you must also find someone who is willing to be a mentor, eager to share knowledge, will be open and honest with you, will have time to engage and be trustworthy.
How does the mentor-adept relationship work?
Establish the details of your relationship in any way that works best for both you and your mentor. It can be a formal arrangement, an informal one or something in the middle.
Almi Business Partner offers a formal mentoring program, such as New Business Center.
For example, building on you meet once a month, or emailing each other with updates, or making phone calls one hour each month. No matter what your schedule for meetings looks like, you should have an open discussion about it and agree on how your mentor-adept relationship will look like.
The key to success is to define the relationship from the beginning. Make it an open dialogue. Ask for what you want and need from your mentor, be willing to compromise and listen carefully to make sure there is an agreement. Be sure to clarify your expectations (especially regarding matters such as privacy). You do not want any confusion.
Remember, it’s supposed to be a fun, exciting experience!


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