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Here at the county’s business incubator, we have a network of driven business developers working with growth entrepreneurs. The common to the business owners is that they want to invest in international markets with their innovative business models. Our way of working with the companies has been recognized to be successful for several times, which including that when we became the 10th best incubator in Europe in the UBI Index 2013, as well as when Vinnova recently rated us as one of the 18 leading incubators.
Our work aims at getting business owners to gain success faster, by being a leap for growth. Our network of driving business developers is constantly changing and lately, there have been several changes. We would, therefore, like to thank Pelle Johansson and Magnus Lesshammar, who in recent years have been developing entrepreneurs as well as Företagsfabriken and our incubation process.

Pelle Johansson looks forward to his time here: “As a business developer, it is a privilege to enter growth companies with full commitment. After just over 2.5 years in the role of driving business developer at Företagsfabriken, it is now time to move on to new goals and challenges. I thank the growth companies for a hugely fun, inspiring and developing period and wish them all the best in their continued development. ”

Magnus Lesshammar takes his experiences and now develops his own business: “Being a business developer at Företagsfabriken has contributed with strong energy and many positive elements. Together with these newly established growth companies that get to share both everyday and strategic issues that has been developing. These experiences I take with me now when I take the next step in the development of my own business within Akros AB. I wish the growth companies all the best and look forward to meeting them in different ways. ”
The value of business developers is greatly appreciated by the entrepreneurs during the incubation process. Stefan Johansson, founder of the Sales Scenario, summarized his time at Företagsfabriken when he completed his two-year incubation process with the words: “At Företagsfabriken, business developers are very honest, but here business development is happening and without the business developers’ sometimes painful opinions and comments my startup would not have become like this. ”

We also welcome Patrik Appelquist as a business developer in our team. Patrik is a social entrepreneur who successfully pushed up Dump Tees and studied Enterprising and Business Development. Patrik currently also drives Aktiv Svenska QAE AB together with a local business angel. The company has received funding from Vinnova for its business concept, which aims to streamline the learning of Swedish language.


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