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CEO Helena Collin answers questions about Företagsfabriken

How does Företagsfabriken differ from other corporate incubators?

Företagsfabriken is the only corporate incubator in Småland. We are equally owned by Videum AB, Region Kronoberg and Linnaeus University’s holding company. This means that our wide network spreads throughout the region’s business and technology areas within academy and business. Thus, in our incubation process, growth companies have access to a significant network that they can use to develop their businesses.

In what way Företagsfabriken is a springboard for growth?

First, we set up a development plan that contains a number of successful tools to ensure that entrepreneurs spend their time as efficiently as possible. In order to make the company grow.

Then, our business developers, all of whom have different skills, work with the entrepreneurs to help find tailored solutions to different issues and challenges. For example, Joanna Lilliequist specializes in internationalization, especially exporting to Eastern Europe and Saudi Arabia while Patrik Appelquist has the role of spidering in the network with his multifaceted skills and entrepreneurial experience. In addition to them, we work with a variety of business developers in various areas.

In addition, our business developers have their own experience of running companies. They are or have been entrepreneurs. This means that themselves understand the meaning of a company’s everyday challenges to grow. It also means that our business developers have an extensive network to share in order to give growth companies in the incubation process greater opportunities for growth.

What valuable offers does Företagsfabriken provide to the growth companies?

We drive the entrepreneurs. The most valuable, driven contractor in Företagsfabriken is an imposing work environment. It is the entrepreneurs themselves are the most important factors behind a company’s growth. Therefore, we drive them so that they can reach the market faster.

We have an urgent work environment where single entrepreneur work with colleagues in the form of other entrepreneurs around. We create opportunities for growth companies in the incubation process to meet, share experiences and discuss issues and challenges then come together to find solutions.

Can you mention a few examples of successful growth companies that have participated in the incubation process at Företagsfabriken?
They are many, but there are three examples I want to share with you, Solutions for Tomorrow, APEA Mobile Security Solutions and Mionix.
Solutions for Tomorrow AB sells innovative mobile X-ray equipment that is transported to patients on a global market. The mobile X-ray equipment reduces patient transport, reduces stress, and provides better care for the patient while the hospital is getting a faster diagnosis, increased flexibility, and lower costs.

APEA Mobile Security Solutions AB develops a product for the tough industrial environment that complements fire department in so-called hot jobs. The product is easily installed by existing staff and provides a cost-effective solution that significantly increases safety at workplaces where people handle hot sparks and open flame work.

Mionix is an innovative technology company that develops high-end products in computer game industry. They are facing an introduction to the stock market and I am pleased that they started their business trip eight years ago.

The common and decisive factor for the success of these mentioned companies is the team. A team of different skills and a team spirit that drives the company forward.

What is the most interesting business idea you have supported so far?
I think it must be Svenska Trasmattor. Unique handmade Swedish wooden mats, traditionally woven from recycled materials. They have been used on the floor in cottages and mansions, in the kitchen and living room around Sweden for 150 years. These carpets have become outdated and are no longer used in modern Swedish homes. Eva Tufte, the founder of Svenska Trasmattor, chose a different perspective and found a great business potential in the international market. The history of the carpets, history of Sweden, vintage, and hand woven became unique selling points for Svenska Trasmattor around the world, especially in the United States. The most critical and creative side of this business idea is to think outside the box. The success of Svenska Trasmattor is to be able to see market needs from a different angle and create the values of a traditional product far from its original market.

What should a small company do to get into the incubation process in Företagsfabriken?
We very often meet people with brilliant ideas or inventions. But a good idea is not enough to be a growth company with us. First, as an entrepreneur, you must have a team or be open to having a team so that your business idea can develop and the company grows. A team is one of the most important conditions for growth, as I mentioned earlier. Secondly, you must have a long-term vision of your business and be sure what to do based on a clear business strategy. It is important that you have already checked the market before you step into the incubation process in Företagsfabriken. Believing in your business idea and never giving up is the spirit that you share with your team to drive companies forward. It is about being prepared to meet challenges and difficulties without being defeated by them.


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