Toolbox for innovation that leads to business and success

How do you really succeed as an entrepreneur?

The answer is clearly not easy. Somewhere, it requires a business idea. It can be based on an innovation, something new that is not available or a variant of a product or a service that you offer to the market in a different way.
Here at Företagsfabriken i Kronoberg AB, we meet many people and many ideas. In order to in some way make an assessment of both the company’s corporate idea and giving the entrepreneur an insight to the business opportunities, there are several different aids. Some of them are presented in the “Toolbox for Innovation” published by Region Kronoberg.
A model we use throughout our entire incubation process is BMC – Business Model
Canvas. It clearly shows the business model that the company has, what will generate money and what it takes to get better.
BMC consists of a sheet of paper – a canvas. It is divided into nine different areas that are the key factors for the success of a company. These factors are partners, key activities, key resources, value offerings, customer relations, channels, customer segments, cost structure and revenue streams.
Our business developer, together with the growth company, put up charts that show what is the company’s own business model based on the nine factors and writes, drawing simply to visualizes it on the canvas. This creates a common understanding of the business process itself. When you know what you are doing, it’s easier to question, change and improve.
“The biggest advantage of working with Business Model Canvas is the ability to quickly grasp and visualize a company’s business model. It differs from previous heavy and straightforward documents. “Says Helena Collin, CEO of us.
If, as an entrepreneur, you know what it is, it’s easier to succeed and achieve success. During our years, our business developers have been able to provide qualified business development and advice to entrepreneurs in the growth companies.



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